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The Active Inverter Technology

Modern Active Inverter Technology from Fronius has evolved from conventional inverter and HF technology. Fronius has channelled 60 years of experience in building battery charging systems into the development of Active Inverter Technology.

1946 to 1988 was a period in which only chargers with 50 Hz transformer technology were produced. From 1991, production has centred exclusively on HF and inverter technology. In 2005, Fronius launched Active Inverter Technology, which combined the advantages of both technologies. The robustness and longevity of 50 Hz transformer technology, the efficiency of HF and inverter technology, and the highest levels of flexibility have been brought together to create Active Inverter Technology.

Active Inverter Technology combines the advantages of 50 Hz transformer technology with those of inverter technology.
Active Inverter Technology combines the advantages of 50 Hz transformer technology with those of inverter technology.

Active Inverter Technology is particularly recommended for applications requiring a reduction in energy consumption, the longest possible battery service life, a reduction in battery maintenance costs and a high degree of flexibility.
Companies that run a multi-shift or fleet operation see their high level of investment paid back quickly as the ongoing operating costs are slashed.

Battery charging systems with Active Inverter Technology ensure perfect charging and increase the service life of the battery. Up to 96% efficiency and intelligent charging characteristics cut electricity costs. Peak current values can be prevented by programming switch-on times on the battery charging system display.

A wide range of features ensures that Active Inverter Technology offers the highest levels of safety for people, batteries and the battery charging system. Voltage-free charger leads (pilot contacts) can be unplugged without sparking
when the charging process is complete, dramatically reducing the risk of detonating-gas explosions. If there are any defective battery cells, the intelligent cut-out system prevents the battery from overcharging. The entire charging
process is actively monitored. This ensures that the battery is always charged according to its state of charge; overheating as a result of overcharging is therefore impossible. Mains voltage fl uctuations are automatically smoothed out.

If the mains voltage exceeds or falls below a specific tolerance range, the charger switches off automatically. 50 Hz transformer technology, HF technology and Active Inverter Technology are to be seen as separate battery charging systems.

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