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Fronius production site

Sattledt is the production and logistics site of Fronius International. Besides housing the administration departments, it is also where battery charging systems, welding systems and solar inverters are produced.On the roof of the building is one of the largest photovoltaic systems in Austria (the modules cover approx. 3823 square metres). For comparison, this system would be capable of meeting the demands of around 160 private households. With the aid of the inverters, which were developed in-house, it provides up to 75 percent of the plant's electricity requirements. A biomass power station with an output of 1500 kW provides up to 80 percent of the heating requirements.


Size of unit 615 kWp
Place Sattledt, Upper Austria
Commissioning date May 2007
Production/year 680 MWh
Modules 2700 Sanyo HIP 215
Module area 3.823 m²
Inverter 13 Fronius IG 400, 2 Fronius IG 500, 6 Fronius IG 60
System monitoring Datalogger Web, Solar.Web