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Concerned for your safety

All Fronius products are manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology and according to recognised safety standards. Guaranteed and certified.
An in-house team has the task of ensuring that our products are always of the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. As early as the development stages, we take care to ensure that standards and legislation are observed. Right down to the smallest detail: from a single component to the finished product, we check that global standards are complied with. As our welding systems are used worldwide, they must also meet special requirements. So we constantly make every effort to counter new challenges, for example, various climatic and temperature influences, with new ideas and features. All this so that the benefits of using Fronius can be achieved to the same standard, anywhere in the world. 


Safety rules
  • Please observe the safety rules at all times. This will ensure improved safety in your workplace.  
  • Careful handling of the product will ensure long-lasting quality reliability. These are essential prerequisites for excellent results.

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