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The Website and all information contained therein is provided by Fronius International GmbH.    

Main aim of the website:
to present the company Fronius International GmbH together with its services and products.    

Media owned and published by:
Fronius International GmbH
Froniusstraße 1
A-4643 Pettenbach

Nature and purpose of the media owner:
production and sale of products in the Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging sectors.    

Registered office of the media owner:
Froniusstraße 1
A-4643 Pettenbach    

Managing Director:
Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß

Contact details:
Tel.: +43/7242/241-0
Fax: +43/7242/241-2670    

Registered number and registration office:
Registered number: 149888z
Registration office: Steyr regional court
UID: ATU52614407 

Picture credits:

Author: Vadim Andrushchenko -
Title: silhouette fotograf clipping path

Author: Wolfgang Berroth -
Title: Winterlandschaft

Author: Andrey Ushakov -
Title: russia summer landscape

Author: Felix Pergande -
Title: Uhr Zeit vergehen

Author: Feng Yu -
Title: Newspaper

Author: mearicon -
Title: Newspaper series

Author: a_korn -
Title: Close up a blue toned calendar page

Guidelines for downloadable images on the Fronius International GmbH website:

The downloadable images must be shown in the application or in an operational or similar environment. The images must not be displayed in conjunction with violence, religiously or politically undesirable statements, or with individuals who are partially clothed or nude. Care must be taken to ensure that the company is always presented as a responsible, high-quality company. Good image resolution is essential.
In addition, downloadable images of Fronius products should only ever be reproduced in their original form and colour (except in the case of black and white printing) and must not be defamiliarised or tampered with. The rights to the images and illustrations must be declared.
In the event of doubt, approval should be obtained from Fronius International GmbH.

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