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Fronius welding apparel

Workwear used to be the 'Cinderella' of the workaday world. That was before Fronius came along and offered its customers a range of high-quality garments. 

This apparel is specifically designed for welders. 

The new Fronius Collection gives you a choice of ultra-modern and highly functional garments that are designed not only for work, but also for leisure.


Fronius protective welding apparel

/ HighEnd line: This line of premium apparel scores for details like the movement
pleat on the back, signal stripes on all extremities, and practical slant pockets, all of
which greatly enhance wearer comfort, freedom of movement and welder visibility.
For extra protection, highly wear-prone points on the protective garments are doublelayered.

Item number:
Waistband trousers 40,0006,0750,xx
Waistband jacket 40,0006,2316,xx
Work coat 40,0006,2314,xx
Dungarees 40,0006,2315,xx
Waistcoat 40,0006,2317,xx

HighEnd line
HighEnd line

/ 'Basic' line: The ideal workshop apparel for anyone whose work
involves welding. With its practical pockets, this line of clothing is
highly functional, yet is also pleasantly comfortable to wear.

Item number:
Waistband trousers 42,0510,0161,xx
Waistband jacket 42,0510,0163,xx
Dungarees 42,0510,0162,xx

For the repective size please add to the last figure of part-number the
size - xx,xxxx,xxx,50. 

Sizes: 42-60

Documents & Downloads

'Basic' line
'Basic' line

If you need more detailed information on this product, then please send an E-Mail to our Sales Department. Or get directly in contact with your nearest Fronius-Partner.

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