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One does not become a leading innovator by remaining locked in an ivory tower. New ideas can only be found by mutual exchange of information, active listening, and the lively exchange of ideas with kindred spirits. Fronius is in continuous contact with leading research institutes throughout the world, as well as with other interesting sources, for the expansion of horizons. These connections are available to you in this link portal.

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European Welding Asociation
The European Welding Association (EWA) is a industrial association, which joins together manufacturers of welding equipment and welding consumables from across Europe and associations from the welding industry. The EWA was founded in 1987, and its official headquarters are located in Paris.

American Welding Society
The American Welding Society Institut (AWS) is the American equivalent to the DVS in Europe.

Asociación de Espanola de Soldadura y Tecnologías de Unión
Spanish welding institute – Spanish only

Belgian Welding Institute
Belgian welding technology institute.

China Weldnet
Chinese welding union. Homepage in englisch.

DVS, a technology and science-oriented non-profit organization based in Düsseldorf, Germany; the definitive authority on joining, cutting, and coating metalic and non-metalic materials and material combinations (the US counterpart would be the American Welding Society).

European Federation of Welding
European welding institute with English language site.

The Edison Welding Insitute is the biggest welding and joining technology consultancy in Northern America.

Force Instituttet
Danish welding institute.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
The Hobart Insitute emphasizes its focus on training and certification services. English language homepage.

Institut de Soudure

Institut für Schweißtechnik Dr. Möll GmbH
German institute for welding technology offering EWE and EWS courses.

International Institute of Welding
International welding institute, based in France.

Italian Institute of Welding
Italian welding institute with Italian homepage and links to English pages.

Japan Welding Society
Japanisches welding institute – homepage in Japanese.

JoinIT / TWI
TWI = World Centre for Materials Joining Technology.

Nickel Development Institute
Nickel Development Institute – over 6000 pages on metallurgy and over 150 pages on stainless steel.

Resistance Welder Manufacturer Association
Resistance welding homepage

SLV Halle
Society of the Welding Technology Institute Halle, Germany.

Technische Universität Graz, Schweißfachinstitut
Austrian welding institute at the TU Graz, Austria

Thai Welding Institute
Thai welding institute.

University of Waterloo
Canadian Welding Institute Mechanical Engineering department.

Welding Institute
World Center for joining technology.

Welding Technology Institute of Australia
Australian welding institute called "Welding Technology Institut of Australia"



Canadian Metal Working
Canadian magazine for metal fabrication.

Schweißen & Schneiden
German language trade journal for welding, cutting, and soldering technologies, including a variety of related subjects.



Arc-Zone.com delivers high-performance MIG, TIG and Plasma welding and cutting products, services and solutions for professional fabricators, welding engineers, manufacturing engineers and consumers worldwide.

European Aluminium Organisation
EAA represents the aluminium industry in Europe. It represents particularly aluminium producers with interesting statistics, products, markets, innovations and lots of alu-links. English

Indian Welding Society (IWS)
The Indian Welding Society (IWS) was founded in 2002 by leading production operations, welding materials suppliers and manufacturers with a focus on integrating educational and research facilities. Within the framework of this association, members can develop new insights and establish networks within the welding industry.

Welding portal / welding-oriented search engine by DVS Verlag – German

Science Online
Science Magazine - platform for science

The Materials Information Society
The Materials Information Society offers a full range of information on metallurgy.

Titanium Information Groupe
The Titanium Information Group offers a list of of UK design engineers and producers of titanium.

ECV Project
ECV is a project from the COMET Program of the FFG

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