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Lifecycle Costs Calculator I-SPoT

The theme of "Total cost of ownership" is becoming ever more important in the logistics and material handling industry. Manufacturers of ground conveyor systems are constantly searching for concepts and solutions that will reduce the ongoing operating costs of their vehicles.

All these measures are extremely welcome as they provide further savings for the end user. However, it is unfortunately the case that many of these optimisation strategies are not thought through properly. In a typical sales discussion concerning the purchase of a new conveyor system (consisting of a vehicle, traction battery and battery charger), almost all the conversation revolves around the vehicle. At first glance this appears natural, as most of the costs involved in the purchase or rental agreement are related to the vehicle. 

However, despite being associated with the lowest cost in the system as a whole, the battery charger plays a major role in determining ongoing operating costs. The charger has a major influence over electricity costs, the level of CO2 emissions and the total service life of the battery. 

Paying close attention to the charger during procurement can be very rewarding. When costs over lifetime are considered, does the battery charger you're being offered really represent the best solution? For this reason Fronius is happy to provide a battery lifecycle costs calculator completely free of charge. By taking certain parameters into account, such as the number of weekly charging cycles, electricity price per kWh, battery capacities and available charging times, we can provide you with an individual calculation showing the potential savings in terms of energy costs and CO2 emissions that you could obtain by using Fronius battery chargers.    

Contact us now for your calculation - here you find the Fronius contact formular.  

The Fronius lifecycle costs calculator I-SPoT
The Fronius lifecycle costs calculator I-SPoT

Lifecycle costs calculator I-SPoT

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