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Ukraine: Kiev

In Knjashitschi, Kiev region, Fronius produces welding machines using conventional technology and sells inverter as well as conventional technology for local markets in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

91 persons are employed at Fronius Ukraine, 23 among them sell - also in sales teams in Knjashitschi and Donezk / Makeevka - the local produced devices as well as digital controlled welding systems.

Fronius Ukraine LLC
Head office
ul. Slavy, 24, s. Knjashitschi,
Brovarskoy r-n, Kievskaya obl.
07455, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 44 2772141
Fax: +380 44 2772144

VSP Donetsk
prospekt 250-letiya Donbassa, 23,
g. Makeevka, Donetskaya obl.
86102, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 623 285938
Fax: +380 623 285937

VSP Striy
ul. Kryva, 41B, g. Striy,
Lvovskaya obl.
82400, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 3245 77601
Fax: +380 3245 77602

Fronius Ukraine
Kiev plant
Fronius UkraineKiev plant
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