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Our vision 24HRS SUN - or why we do what we do

We call this energy future 24 hours of sun. In this future, energy is generated and stored with incomparable efficiency, and distributed and consumed in a smart way. As a result, renewable energy is available for anyone, anywhere and at any time. Renewables will be the most independent, effective and affordable energy source. Solar will play a key role in the energy mix of this energy future. There are three clear reasons why each and every person should strive for this bright energy future:


Why 24HRS SUN?
The energy revolution is on everyone's lips. To drive forward this revolution we need visions and solutions. Our aim is to leave a world worth living in to our children and generations to come.
Learn what motivates us, and why we work every day to make our vision of 24 hours of sun a reality.
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/ We want a clean and sustainable world for generations to come – 24 hours of sun makes this possible.

/ Transforming the grid from central to decentral and the energy supply to renewables is a massive economic driver, creating jobs, growth and prosperity around the world.

/ 24 hours of sun is a decentralized energy supply that increases our independence and energy reliability. With 24 hours of sun, energy consumption is a choice: People should have an option where they get their power from. And most of all, all people should have access to energy.

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