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Feed-in management and zero export

Fronius offers several solutions for feed-in management for photovoltaic systems. In addition to the direct connection of the ripple control receiver at the inverter, it is also possible to have a dynamic feed-in control considering the current self-consumption.

Connection to the ripple control receiver
It is possible to connect the ripple control receiver directly to the following inverters:

/  Fronius Symo
/  Fronius Symo Hybrid
/  Fronius Primo
/  Fronius Galvo
/  Fronius Eco

At the inverters Fronius IG Plus, Fronius IG TL and Fronius Agilo this application can be realized by using the plug-in card Fronius Datamanager respectively the Fronius Datamanager Box.

The setting can easily be done on the webinterface of the inverter or Fronius Datamanager.

Fronius Symo
Fronius Symo

Dynamic feed-in control:
If there are feed-in limits (f.e. max. 70% of the kWp or max. 5 kW) the self-consumption in the house should be considered, before the inverters power is going to be reduced. With the dynamic feed-in control of Fronius it is possible to realize that. Therefore it is possible to set an individual power limit and to connect a Fronius Smart Meter or a meter using S0 directly to the Inverter (at Fronius Symo, Fronius Symo Hybrid, Fronius Primo, Fronius Galvo, Fronius Eco).

NEW! Fronius inverters support zero exportation
As of now Fronius Inverters support zero exportation, meaning a feed-in limitation of 0%. Thus, no PV electricity is being fed into the grid. The requirements from the grid operator can easily be met via a setting on the web interface of the inverter.
All Fronius SnapINverters (except the Fronius Symo Hybrid) support this feature when connected to a Fronius Smart Meter.

Fronius Smart Meters available:
/  Fronius Smart Meter 63A-3
/  Fronius Smart Meter 63A-1
/  Fronius Smart Meter 50kA-3

Requirements for the S0-meter:

  • Compliance of the standard IEC62053-31 Class B
  • Max. voltage: 15 V DC
  • Max. ON current: 15 mA
  • Min. ON current: 2 mA
  • Max. OFF current: 0.15 mA
  • The meter has to read out the sum of all phases and must measure in one direction only.

Feed-in management
Feed-in management
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