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New features Fronius Energy Package

In the course of continuous improvements there is a new software version for your Symo Hybrid available. From 03rd of February, 2017 on all PV-plants connected to Solar.web, which have a software version bigger than 1.3.1-X, will be updated to software version 1.4.1-12 automatically. Customers who own an inverter with an older software version are recommended to start the software update via the web interface.

Choose the menu item “Settings” / “Data sources” to start the update. Through clicking on the Update-button in the section “Version” the update process will be started.

Advantages of the new Software version

/ Battery Standby Mode: Decreased energy consumption of the system if the battery level is low through switching off the battery and inverter functions that are not needed. As soon as there is power available, the battery will be switched on again.
Note: During the battery is on standby mode, also the display of the battery is switched off. The standby mode can be interrupted manually at any time. Therefore you need to turn off the battery shortly and then turn it on again.

/ Zero feed-in: Feed-in limit at the meter can be put up to 0 % in order to fulfil country-specific requirements.


Update instruction

For detailed informationen about the changes please see the ChangeLog for the update of the Fronius Energy Package here

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