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Welding torches

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    Gascooled TIG-welding torch with F connection and plugable gas nozzle system, welding current up to max. 220 A, for welding C-steel, special steel and aluminium in apparatus, container and pipeline construction.  

    Following types are obtainable:  

    TTG2200: Standard version (without additional function)

    TTG2200 Up/Down: in the handle integrated remote control for continuously regulation of the parameter which is active at the welding machine. As well available with a flexible torch body for best accessibility - TTG2200 F Up/Down.

    TTG2200 Jobmaster/Le: with the remote control, integrated in the handle, following parameters can be selected with the mode key: welding current, job, arbitrary parameter and calottes forming. With the Up/Down keys (+ -) the parameter can be stopped at the desired value and indecated on the triple digit display. With 0,75 m leather protection hose in the front area.
    As well available with flexible torch body for best accessibility - TTG2200 F JM/Le.

    TTG2200 TCS "TIG Comfort Stop": DC welding torch with handle tube without trigger, for Trans Puls Synergic 2700 TIG or for a TIG power source with remote control unit

    Base metals
    Aluminium, Special metals, Stainless steel
    Fields of use
    plant construction, machine-building industry, steel, Automotive & ancillary industry, Chemical plant construction, Do-it-Yourselfe sector, Industrial plant construction/assembly plant, Maintenance and repair

    Technical Data

     length of hose pack m welding current AC  welding current DC  duty cycle  Electrode Ø mm  
     4 / 8 180 A  220 A  40 %  1.0 - 4.0 

    Equipment features

    Standard equipment:
    • 90° turnable torch body
    • Crack-protection machine and torch end
    • Easy-to-use rocker switch
    • Ergonomically shaped handle shells made of GF reinforced plastic
    • Plug-on gas nozzle system
    • Swivel-mounted protective hose
    • UV and ozone-resistant protective hose 
    • Adapter for old machine generation
    • Cold wire feeding
    • Fabric reinforced protection hose
    • Gas lens
    • High flexible leather protection hose
    • Screw-on gas nozzle system
    • Special lengths of hose pack 1,0 - 16,0 m 
    • TIG AC/DC
    • TIG DC 
    Recommended ground material:
    • Aluminium
    • Special metals
    • Stainless steel 
    Recommended areas of use:
    • Plant construction, machine-building industry, steel
    • Automotive & ancillary industry
    • Chemical plant construction
    • Do-it-Yourself sector
    • Industrial plant construction/assembly plant
    • Maintenance and repair 
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