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Fronius software is available to help you right from the start of the planning phase: the intelligent Fronius Solar.configurator can assist to get the dimensioning spot on, however complex a system you are designing. Fronius Solar.access is a sophisticated tool enabling you to carry out detailed monitoring of a PV system and to both analyse and archive the data.


Fronius Datalogger Finder

The Fronius Datalogger Finder can be used to easily find your Datalogger in your home network.


Fronius Solar.configurator !NEW!

The Fronius Solar.configurator online tool supports the precise dimensioning of PV systems. It calculates the ideal combination of solar modules and Fronius inverters.
This online design tool means that you can always use the latest solar module and inverter data for system configuration - without having to carry out an update.

Just go to: http://solarconfigurator.solarweb.com

Note: Make use of the e-learning module Fronius Solar.configurator to get familiar with the surface and possibilities of the Fronius Solar.configurator


Fronius Solar.Service 1.2

Fronius Solar.Service simplifies the professional system maintenance and fault analysis and gives an optimal overview of the status of the PV system.
Any errors can be detected and fixed faster and easier through clear visualization, as well as the transparent collection of any status messages. This enables shortest maintenance and grants highest yields.
As adjustments and servicing can also be done remote Fronius Solar.Service helps to save time and costs.


Fronius Solar.configurator 3.3.1

More comprehensive, increased usability!
For the perfect sizing of your pv system. In the planning stage of a pv system, the Configurator supports you in he best possible way to get the perfect sizing. Just complete the way to get the input fields and you will quickly get graphs of the different configuration possibilities. In a self-explaining and well-structured way the configuration software navigates you through strings, module types, tilt angles and wirings.

Attention: The new offline version of the Fronius Solar.configurator got updated with the whole Fronius Symo series.
As of now it is also possible to design systems with two MPP-Trackers (Fronius M inverters) at the calculation of single inverters.

System Requirement for using Configurator
Operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP, Hardware requirements: Frequency 1 GHz and 256 MB RAM


Fronius Solar.access

The free Fronius Solar.access software provides advanced, onsite data analysis and archiving options for the PC.

As an administrator tool, it offers full setting options for all system components in Solar Net - no matter which Fronius Datalogger you choose: Fronius Datalogger easy / pro or the new Fronius Datalogger Web.

Fronius Solar.access works with Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1.
Future versions of Microsoft Windows may cause compatibility topics, this topics will not be supported anymore!
Use Fronius Solar.web for a comfortable system monitoring.

Important note: The new version also works with 64 Bit systems!
Version update: 17/07/2013

Note: Inverters of the Fronius Galvo and Fronius Symo series only have limited support by Fronius Solar.access.


Fronius Solar.interface

The software programme 'Fronius Solar.interface' is the counterpart of the Fronius Interface Card / Box. This programme has been created to support potential developers, who intend to design an own counterpart for subsequent processing of the PV system data. 

The execution of Fronius Solar.interface requires "Microsoft .NET 2.0-Framework". If this package has not been already installed on your PC, please click here.

With this programme, the communication between PC and Interface Card / Box can be tested. It supplies a listing of all components of the PV system (Inverter/s, Sensor Card, ...) and enables their data query.


Fronius Solar.interface Example for software development

Provides the source code of the demo programme mentioned above, which has been written with the development environment "MS Visual Studio 2005". After developing an own application on the basis of this software, one can process the data provided by the Interface Card/Box.

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