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For over 60 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. The perfect efficiency of every product has repeatedly been awarded both national and international prizes.

Limit selection

around 1950

Market launch of Fronius' first welding transformer with magnetic yoke-type regulation, permitting continuous adjustment of the welding current.

around 1955

Semiconductors are used in Fronius welding rectifiers for the first time - making convenient DC welding a reality.


Unveiling of the world's first-ever primary transistor-switched power source (TransArc 500). The inverter technology used not only brings such advantages as low weight and volume, but also - and even more importantly - opens up hitherto unheard-of new possibilities in terms of welding technology.
TransArc 500


Launch of a revolutionary high-performance MAG welding process known as the T.I.M.E. Process, which - for the first time in welding history - makes very high welding speeds possible.
T.I.M.E. 540


Fuzzy technology is used for the first time in the field of welding-process control (MagicWave 2000).
MagicWave 2000


The Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria is awarded to Fronius for its use of fuzzy technology in the field of welding-process control (MagicWave 2000).
MagicWave 2000


The world's lightest portable MMA welding unit is launched, weighing a mere 4.2 kg (TransPocket 1400).


Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for product design (MagicWave 2600).

TransPocket 1400


Unveiling of the world's first-ever completely digitally controlled MIG/MAG welding power sources (TransSynergic 4000 / 5000; TransPuls Synergic 2700 / 4000 / 5000). From now on, quality is 100% reproducible.


Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for "Virtual Welding".

TransPuls Synergic


Unveiling of the world's first-ever genuinely industrial-grade LaserHybrid welding system, with welding speeds of up to 9 m/min.


Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for "LaserHybrid".


Market launch of a series of MMA welding units (TransPocket 1100 / 1500 / 1500 RC / 1500 TIG) with resonant intelligence, which permits an almost perfect approximation to the principle of the ideal characteristic.



The strong, silent type. The new Fronius systems, MagicWave 1700, MagicWave 2200, and TransTig 2200, offer a higher power density, lower noise levels, more stable arcs, and greater ease of operation than conventional welding systems.


Market launch of the VarioSynergic and VarioStar product ranges. These step-controlled welding systems are synonymous with low operating costs, easy handling, long life, and flawless welding quality.

MagicWave 1700/2200, TransTig 2200


Premiere for the “TimeTwin Digital” process. In this process, two independently controlled power sources with two insulated wire electrodes work together in a single gas nozzle and a shared welding pool. These innovative systems achieve maximum economy and efficiency in automatic welding of low and high-alloy steel and aluminium materials.


The TransPuls Synergic 7200 and 9000 are launched on the market. These systems consist of two linked TransPuls Synergic 4000 or 5000 systems and produce a current of 720 and 900 amperes respectively. This procedure is designed to deliver the kind of high performance that is required in automatic and robot welding.


The remote control unit RCU 5000i with full text display. This RCU features logical user prompting and is easy to use. To standardise procedures for backing up, exchanging, and documenting welding data, a Smart Media Card is used. Another new feature is the Windows-compatible USB interface for easy data transfer.

RCU 5000i


TIG product range extended with the addition of the MagicWave 4000/5000 and TransTig 4000/5000: these robust and powerful welding systems are available in Standard and Job versions. Active Wave provides a highly stable arc with minimum noise emission.


All high-performance Fronius welding systems are now fully digital, including the TIME 5000. Extended stick-out means up to 30 % improved wire feeding speeds or burn-off rate.

TIME 5000


CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) market launch. This new MIG/MAG welding process enables thermal joining of steel and aluminium and shows convincing performance with spatter free soldering of coated sheet metal and ultra-thin bonds.


The 100 percent digitally controlled welding system range is extended to include Resonant Intelligence with the TransPocket 2500/3500 – extremely robust, small, light, but powerful.



“Welding Technology of the Year 2006 Award” for the welding processes Cold Metal Transfer and DeltaSpot.

Welding Technology of the Year 2006 Award


Fronius brought out its first plasma-cutting device. On the TransCut 300, a fluid served as the cutting medium. This portable cutting system also set up a brand-new benchmark for “green cutting”.

Market launch of DeltaSpot. The “world first” of this resistance spot-welding system is its spooling process tapes which protect both the electrodes and the workpiece, revolutionising the weld quality.
TransCut 300


Fronius saw what was needed and developed a comprehensive solution about efficiently steel welding, whether in mechanical engineering, constructional steelwork, pipeline, crane, rolling stock and container construction, shipyards or other steel-processing industries:
Steel Transfer Technology. The long service life of the TransSteel devices is impressive, especially when they're being used all the time. What's more, they're even equipped to take advantage of future technological developments.


Fronius has developed a world first in welding torch technology that greatly increases the availability of the complete welding system for the user and delivers a much higher level of cost effectiveness through improved process stability, Contec. Compared with conventional contact tips, the user sees greater process reliability and a much extended service life for the contact tip. Contec contact tips have a service life up to seven times longer than that of their rivals.


Fronius recognised the demand for a learning solution that is both efficient and environmentally friendly and developed a new alternative - Virtual Welding. The welder training tool consists of a simulated torch and workpiece, a PC and a screen. Even the arc and the weld seam, which is produced with all the right sound effects, are virtual creations. As a result, the amount of normal practice using real welding equipment is reduced considerably.
Virtual Welding


Fronius combines with CMT Twin two independently functioning arc-welding processes in a single process. This novel twin-wire solution lets users exploit two cold-metal-transfer (CMT) processes, or combine a CMT process with a GMA pulsed-arc welding process, all within one single system. Thanks to the special performance attributes, CMT Twin is particularly well suited to welding light-gauge sheets at high speed, and for positional welding with high deposition rates yet without exceeding the optimum thermal input.
CMT Twin


With the new MIG/MAG weldingappliance platform TPS/i, Fronius is leading the industry into a new era. With it, users benefit from using individually customisable appliances that can also be subsequently upgraded and that stand out for their high intelligence and extensive communications functions. This makes the appliances easier to operate, multi-functional and able to deliver virtually limitless performance.


AccuPocket – the world´s first-ever portable, compact MMA welding unit to run on integrated lithium-ion batteries. This marriage of welding technology and rechargeable-battery technology lets users weld anywhere, whether there is a mains supply or not, and without any current cables.


The new TPS/i Robotics welding solution is launched. Intelligent and highly networked welding components mean that the user is aware of maladjustments or other problems right from the outset. The hassle-free robotic welding solution package guarantees maximum productivity thanks to high system availability, maximum welding speed, consistently high weld seam quality and efficient use of resources.
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