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Welding torches

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Robacta MTG 3200


    Robot torch body for gas-cooled robot hose pack. Suitable for a maximum welding current of 320 A.


    It is provided with a revolutionary coupling system as well as mechanical lock of the gas jet. This mechanical lock prevents any loosening of the gas jets during welding.


    Robacta MTG 3200 36° S-Type
    At a robot with process arm the special bend causes that the TCP (Tool Center Point) is always in the sixth axis.

    Base metals
    Constructional steels, Coated constructional steel, Ferritic / austenitic CrNi steels, Duplex steels, Nickel-based materials, Copper materials
    Fields of use
    Construction of plant, containers, machinery, structural steel, Automobile and allied vendor industries, Construction of special vehicles and construction machinery, Construction of chemical plants, Maintenance and repair, Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock, Shipbuilding and offshore engineering

    Technical Data

    Welding current CO2    Welding current ArCO2  Duty cycle  Wire Ø mm
     320 A  260 A  60%  0,8 - 1,2

    Equipment features

    Standard Equipment :
    • Insulated gas nozzle at gascooled welding torch
    • Contact tube, CuCrZr alloy
    • Gas nozzle fixing "Quick Snap"
    • Precision TCP ± 0,5 mm
    • Contact tubes with centre bore for Al wire
    • Special lengths up to max. 500 mm
    • Examination- and correction device
    • Seam-tracking line
    • MIG/MAG welding
    • MIG brazing
    Recommended base metals:
    • Constructional steels
    • Coated constructional steel
    • Ferritic / austenitic CrNi steels
    • Duplex steels
    • Nickel-based materials
    • Copper materials
    Recommended areas of use:
    • Construction of plant, containers, machinery, structural steel
    • Automobile and allied vendor industries
    • Construction of special vehicles and construction machinery
    • Construction of chemical plants
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock
    • Shipbuilding and offshore engineering
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