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Welding torches

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Robacta Pipe

Robacta Single Pipe
Robacta Twin Pipe
Robacta Single PipeRobacta Twin Pipe

    The main features of the Robacta Single Pipe and Robacta Twin Pipe machine welding torches are:
    - minimal dimensions for the best possible access
    - their light weight
    - good temperature resistance


    Robacta Pipe has been designed specifically for pipeline construction in extreme climatic conditions.

    Robacta Pipe is used from Alaska to the Sahara.

    Operating temperatures from -20° C to +70° C are possible, with Robacta Pipe Arctic from 50° C to +70° C.

    Base metals
    Pipeline steels up to X120, Duplex steels
    Fields of use
    Pipeline construction

    Technical Data

       Welding current Duty cycle  Wire Ø mm
    Robacta Single Pipe / Arctic  280 A  100 % 1,0
    Robacta Twin Pipe / Arctic  300 A  100 % 1,0

    Equipment features

    Standard equipment:
    • Clamped contact tip
    • Wire electrodes insulated of each other
    • Forced contacting arrangement for welding wire
    • Steel inner liner for steel wire
    • UV, temp. and ozone-resistant rubber fabric hoses
    • Robata Pipe suitable for temperatures up to minus 20°C
    • Robacta Pipe Arctic suitable for temperatures up to minus 50°C
    • Corrugated hose at Robacta Pipe
    • Leather protection hose for Robacta Pipe Arctic
    • MIG/MAG welding
    • MIG/MAG pulsed arc welding
    • MIG/MAG high performance welding
    Recommended materials of use:
    • Pipeline steels up to X120
    • Duplex steels
    Recommended areas of use:
    • Pipeline construction


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