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Welding torches

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    High-grade watercooled welding torch for steel-, apparatus-, machine- and vehicle construction. Suitable for a welding current up to max. 700 A.


    Available in the following versions:

    AW7000: standard version (without additional function)

    AW7000 Up/Down: in the handle integrated remote control for continuously regulation of the parameter which is active at the welding machine.

    AW7000 Jobmaster: with the remote control integrated in the handle, following parameters can be selected with the menu keys (left-right): welding current, speed of wire, first saved jobs and length of arc. With the Up/Down keys the parameter can be stopped at the desired value and indicated on the triple digit display.

    Multilock: easy exchange of the torch body by a bolt connection at the hose pack. Obtainable with Up/Down- and Jobmaster-function

    Base metals
    Constructional steels, Coated constructional steels, Ferritic / austenitic CrNi steels, Duplex steels, Nickel-based materials, Aluminium materials, Magnesium materials, Copper materials
    Fields of use
    plant construction, machine-building industry, steel, Automotive & ancillary industry, Chemical plant construction, Maintenance and repair, Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock, Shipbuilding industry, Construction of special vehicles and building

    Technical Data

    Length of hose pack m  Welding current CO2  Welding current ArCO2 Duty cycle  Wire Ø mm 
    3.5 / 4.5  700 A  550 A  100 %  1.0 - 1.6 

    Equipment features

    Standard equipment:
    • Contact tube, CuCrZr alloy
    • Elastic rubber anti-kink feature at machine and torch end
    • Ergonomically shaped handle shells made of GF reinforced plastic
    • Forced contacting arrangement for welding-wire
    • High-grade spatter protection, with very high thermal stability
    • Plug-on gas nozzles
    • Steel inner liner for steel wire
    • Superb torch cooling
    • Swirl-free gas-flow - no loss of gasSwivel-mounted protective hose
    • Torch-neck curvature 45°
    • Combination inner liner (for Al and CrNi wires)
    • Contact tip tool
    • Contact tubes with centre bore (for Al wire)
    • Special lengths of hose pack 1,5 - 6,0 m
    • Top-mounted torch trigger
    • Customer-specific torch body length
    • Customer-specific torch body bend
    • MIG brazing
    • MIG/MAG pulsed arc welding
    • MIG/MAG welding
    Recommended base material:
    • Constructional steels
    • Coated constructional steels
    • Ferritic / austenitic CrNi steels
    • Duplex steels
    • Nickel-based materials
    • Aluminium materials
    • Magnesium materials
    • Copper materials
    Recommended areas of use:
    • plant construction, machine-building industry, steel
    • Automotive & ancillary industry
    • Chemical plant construction
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock
    • Shipbuilding industry and offshore engineering
    • Construction of special vehicles and building
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