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Laser Hybrid Schweißkopf

Laser Hybrid Schweißkopf
Laser Hybrid Schweißkopf

    Accelerate at “the speed of light” to maximum welding rates: 900 cm in just one minute. With a completely novel welding process. Truly sensational. And the name of the sensation is LaserHybrid. Strictly speaking, LaserHybrid is a blend of two conventional welding processes: laser-beam and GMA. Combined so as to give you the best of both worlds. For in LaserHybrid, new heights of performance are achieved by retaining only the most advantageous features of each of these two technologies: high welding speeds and good gap bridgeability, respectively. It is this unique synthesis that makes possible what is now the most modern welding process in existence – a process which more than does justice to industry’s call for higher performance at the same time as ever-increasing quality.

    The LaserHybrid process can be used for welding aluminium, steel, galvanised steel and stainless steels up to 4 mm thick.

    In the LaserHybrid process, the laser-beam and the arc act simultaneously in the weld-ing zone and interact with one another. Some very welcome synergies result: a maximum of speed combined with a maximum of quality; process stabilisation and spatter-free welding even when working at top speed; better gap bridgeability, less distortion and thus less post-weld machining; shorter fabrication times. The specially developed welding head for fully automated applications has extremely compact geometric dimensions, making it easy to get at even the most difficult-to-weld parts.

    Base metals
    Aluminium, Special metals, Stainless steel, Steel
    Fields of use
    plant construction, machine-building industry, steel, Automotive & ancillary industry, Aviation and space industry, Robot welding, Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock

    Technical Data

    Equipment features

    •  MIG/MAG welding
    Recommended ground material:
    • Aluminium
    • Special metals
    • Stainless steel
    • Steel 
    Recommended areas of use:
    • Plant construction, machine-building industry, steel
    • Automotive & ancillary industry
    • Aviation and space industry
    • Robot welding
    • Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock
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