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Product animations Fronius IG TL

Easy data exchange using USB.  
A commercially-available USB stick that can be inserted into the inverter collects data during operation. System information can then be moved to a PC at any time and then analyzed and archived using Fronius Solar.access software. Time-consuming cabling is no longer required. Simply pull out the DATCOM slot, remove the USB stick and load the data onto your PC.

Data transfer

Update using USB.  
The USB stick can be used to upload program updates to the inverter. When a software update is available, it can be downloaded from the Fronius homepage to the USB stick. Then simply insert the USB stick into the inverter and operating functions will be updated automatically. This means that the Fronius IG TL will always have the latest software technology.


Service-friendly installation system.  
The connection area and power stack are installed separately from each other. Time-consuming cabling is no longer required. When service is needed, the connector remains on the wall and the DATCOM slot remains onsite – all settings and configurations remain untouched. The standard string monitoring system checks the current of up to 6 strings.

Mounting system

Completely heat- and dust-free ventilation concept.  
The well-thought-out ventilation concept precludes overheating or contamination. The device body is hermetically sealed. Only the cooling fins for the electronics remain on the outside. They are cooled by air flow that is drawn in on the outside by the temperature-controlled fan as required. This ensures that the inside of the device remains significantly cooler and that there is absolutely no exchange between inside and outside air.

Ventilation concept
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