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Frequently asked questions

Fronius makes things as easy as possible for you, with products which are reliable, powerful and easy to use. Nonetheless, developing battery charging systems is a complex topic, and Fronius experts are sought after as competent and experienced advisors. An overview of the most important answers on the subject of battery charging can be found here.

What are the EMC device classifications?

Devices with emission class A:

- are only designed for use in an industrial setting
- can cause conducted and emitted interference in other areas.

Devices with emission class B:

- satisfy the emissions criteria for residential and industrial ares. This also applies to residential areas in which poweris supplied from the public low-voltage grid.


Why does Fronius use controlled characteristics for battery chargers?

Fronius charging characteristics are all microprocessor-controlled (regulated) and therefore adapt themselves to the charging condition of the battery.
In the field of traction (Selectiva), a wide variety of characteristics are available, because in this case the battery technology plays an important role. All conventional battery types can be charged using these characteristics.
For comparison: Most conventional 50 Hz chargers do not have a controlled charging characteristic. This means that the batteries are overcharged, and charging times are longer. In addition, these battery chargers are not electronically safe.

Why are Fronius battery chargers so small and light? 

Active Inverter Technology is a so-called high-frequency technology. This means that the standard mains frequency (50 Hz) is increased manifold, and therefore the transformer can be made much smaller and lighter. Because of this it is possible to keep the size and weight of our battery chargers so low. 

What does "electronically safe" mean with regard to Fronius battery charging systems?

All Fronius battery chargers are electronically safe, i.e. due to the controlled output voltage, the battery can be charged in the vehicle. In addition, there are no peak voltages that could damage the vehicle's electronics. 


Why does Fronius supply two ranges of battery chargers? 

There are two types of batteries: starter batteries and traction batteries.  Due to their different characteristics, both types of battery require different charging techniques. Because of this, Fronius supplies the Acctiva range of battery chargers for starter batteries, and the Selectiva range for traction or drive batteries.

Are Fronius battery charging systems available in customised versions?

All Fronius chargers are also available in OEM versions. The following customer variants are currently available:

  • Product incorporates customer's corporate design
  • Housing tailor-made to customer's wishes
  • Software versions to suit customer requirements
  • Charger developed according to customer's wishes

The following illustration shows EMC class A.
The following illustration shows EMC class A.
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