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Product animations Fronius CL

Unique system design with the Fronius MIX™ concept 
Up to 15 power modules operate in the Fronius CL accomplishing something great together. This combination of several power modules has many advantages: maximum earnings in partial load ranges, high system stability, long service life and easy servicing. 
Nine, 12 or 15 identical power modules divide up the work in the MIX™ concept. The individual power racks are turned off and on automatically depending on the insolation power. This ensures that the load is optimized and yield is always at maximum – even while raining, when cloudy or at dusk.

Fronius MIX concept

Fast service option.
When service is required, power modules can be removed and replaced easily via the plug & play principle and drawer design. This ensures the highest serviceability and the fastest reaction times on the market.



Exchange of a power rack

Intelligent cooling.
An innovative ventilation design eliminates dust and moisture from getting into the power module area. The air required for cooling is drawn in by two fans on the front of the device and passed through a closed channel through the individual power racks. The PC boards never come into contact with the outside air. Inside the hermetically sealed power module, a smaller fan ensures uniform cooling. This sophisticated system increases the operational reliability and the service life of the inverter.


Ventilation concept

Simple planning, easy installation. 
The Fronius CL was designed with practicality in mind. It can be used for many different assignments due to its planning flexibility. It is also easy to set up due to numerous design details that make installation and connection as simple as possible.


Advanced Grid Features for a stable grid  

The Advanced Grid Features (AGF) incorporate a range of functions that support reliable grid operation. They prevent grid faults and unexpected failures leading to yield losses. In line with new guidelines for energy fed into the grid, these features can be activated at any time.

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