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Comparison of Energy Costs

Conventional inverter chargers are inferior to Active Inverter Technology of Fronius. Whilst the previous technology achieves efficiencies ranging from 78% to 85%, Fronius Active Inverter Technology can reach 96%. This means that every seventh charge is free. Even better: with Active Inverters you can charge more rapidly, and still use less power. And the initial outlay is offset just as quickly, as our example shows:

Here’s how simple it is:
In the “Conventional battery charging system” column, enter the details of your present system (your details are automatically added to the fields in the “Fronius battery charging system” column).

1. Battery capacity in Ah
2. Number of cells
3. Number of charges per year
4. Price (in euro) per kilowatt hour in your company
5. Efficiency of your present battery charger
6. “Calculate”

The result shows the potential savings you could make every year by using Fronius battery charging systems with Active Inverter Technology.

Common battery charging systemFronius battery charging system
Battery capacityAhAh
Number of cells
Number of charges per year
Price per kWh
Efficiency of the battery charger%%
You have filled in the form incorrectly. Your data can therefore not be calculated.
Please fill in the marked data field(s) and click the “Calculate” button.
Your resultCommon battery charging systemFronius battery charging systemYour gains
Energy consumption per chargekWhkWhkWh
Energy consumption per yearkWhkWhkWh
Energy costs per year
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