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Fronius Warranties

In the dynamically changing PV market of today, reliability and flexibility are qualities that are more important than ever before. That’s the reason we keep our warranty system state of the art and adapt it to the current market needs.

In fact, there are many reasons to decide for Fronius and our products. Please find details about the most important ones in our 'Why Fronius?' brochure below:

Fronius string inverters and Fronius storage are delivered with a standard warranty period of two years. We offer you even more than that: by registering your Fronius product at www.solarweb.com within 30 months from dispatch you get a free opt for one of our attractive warranty models.


/ In addition to the standard two year warranty the Fronius Warranty includes 5 more years. This means material costs as well as a service and transport costs for 2 years. Benefit from guaranteed protection on the material for another 5 years – in fact, this means a total 7 of years.
/ Additionally to the standard two year warranty, the Fronius Warranty Plus includes three more years. This model includes material costs as well as a service and transport costs for the entire five years warranty period and brings long-term and all-round protection.

In order to activate the Fronius Warranty Plus or the Fronius Warranty,products must get registered at Fronius Solar.web. The optional warranty models may vary from country to country. Please see the links at the bottom of the page to find complete information on the warranty applicable in your country,


By registering your Fronius string inverter or battery on www.solarweb.com you can choose an attractive warranty model (depending on the region) that fits your needs.

Make sure to benefit from the advantages of the warranty model that fits best for your personal needs!


For details regarding the registration process please see the guideline below or just watch our registration video:


FAQs Fronius end customer registration:
Please see the following document for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Fronius end customer registration.


Regions of Fronius Warranties
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