MIG/MAG power source that is individually adjustable, can be expanded after purchase and is equipped with extensive communication functions. Available in 320 A, 400 A, 500 A and 600 A power categories, and as compact versions with 270 A and 320 A. Multiple function packages enable the use of various dip transfer and pulsed arc processes, including PMC (Pulse Multi Control), LSC (Low Spatter Control) and CMT (Cold Metal Transfer). ​


  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • Pipeline and vessel construction
  • Scaffold construction
  • Crane construction

Your benefits

Intuitive touch display with over 30 languages

  • Graphical instructions displayed on the screen
  • Full text displayed with no abbreviations
  • Quick and easy parameter setting

The ideal welding package for every application 

  • Rapid availability due to software upgrades
  • New functions through regular updates
  • Customised configurations possible

Assistance systems for the welder

  • The arc-length and penetration stabilizers aid the welder and facilitate constant, unwavering weld seam quality

Webpage - all information needed on the TPS/i in a browser

  • Online, remote access possible
  • All power source data can be viewed and edited
  • Maximum security – safe data transfer and protection against unauthorised access
  • Backups, firmware updates, function updates

TPS/i welding torches

  • PullMig – perfect for aluminium
  • PullMig CMT – enables the CMT process to be used during manual welding
  • JobMaster – always have the main welding parameters to hand
  • LED light – a helpful tool in dark conditions
  • Ergonomic design 

Mandatory documentation requirement of the EN 1090 standard met by the TPS/i

  • ​The data required to comply with EN 1090 is documented by the power source and can be called up when needed


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