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It Pays to take a closer look when Choosing an Inverter

If you are looking for a high return on investment from your project in the long run, it does not make sense to only look at the purchase cost of an inverter. The initial costs of the whole system, which are heavily influenced by the inverter, combined with the operating costs over its entire service life, are what really make the difference.

For successful PV systems it is worth taking a closer look at the three factors capital expenditures - CAPEX, operating expenditures - OPEX and return on investment.

The inverter: 10 % of the CAPEX - 100 % of the performance


The CAPEX of a PV system consists of the combined costs of the inverter, the module, the labour costs and the balance of system costs - BOS. 

Inverters make up less than 10 % of the CAPEX, but decisively affect OPEX and retun on invest. 

Saving on BOS Costs

Saving BOS costs with the Fronius Eco

Comparisons with other 60 kW inverters – decentrally or centrally located – reveal that the Fronius Eco 27 kW has a cost benefit of 62 %.

These savings are the result of differences in the cabling and the necessary components for AC and DC distribution. The distances to be bridged between the inverter and the AC distributor are also significant. 


With the DC Connector Kit 35, the Fronius Eco 27 kW can also be used for centralised system designs.

Lower Costs - higher returns

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