Quality products from Fronius for your photovoltaic system

Fronius impresses with outstanding performance and innovative technology together with the best quality available on the market. We have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for over 20 years and are a pioneer of quality in the global solar sector. We produce our quality products and outstanding solutions at our main production site in Sattledt, Austria. 

Fronius Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays an essential role in our company; it forms the foundation for the reliable function and cost-effectiveness of our devices. To ensure consistently high standards across all our product range, we subject our products to extensive endurance tests that go well beyond those required by law - at every stage of production. 

Fronius inverters must prove themselves in laboratory settings under more extreme conditions than they are expected to face in the field. Only when a device has withstood the external influences of extreme temperatures, moisture, ice, salt, dust and dirt ingress without damage, does it proceed to series production and finally to our customers.