Our Vision  Fronius Australia

Fronius Australia, Subsidiary
Fronius Australia subsidiary in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Fronius Australia is driven by our vision of 24 hours of sun. This means that in every action we take, we strive to achieve a future where 100% of our energy comes from renewable, clean energy resources.

For 25 years, we‘ve been providing quality technologies and solutions for controlling and monitoring clean, sustainable solar energy. We partner with industry leaders and businesses, including our Fronius Service Partners, to ensure we accelerate this vision. We also host Fronius Solutions Workshops throughout the year at most major cities around the nation to keep our installers and system integrators competitive and up to date.

We also pride ourselves on providing the best solution to the three core requirements of any solar system; Flexibility, Uptime and Optimisation, both in our products and services.


Keshia Noronho, Managing Director Fronius Australia

"In a nation abundant with sunshine, it only makes sense to increase our adoption of solar energy technology as a renewable energy source in Australia. At Fronius, our technologies are developed on the principles of flexibility, reliability and optimisation, to ensure our vision for a 100% renewable energy future is achievable. A vision which we keep at the forefront of our minds in every step we take and call ’24 hours of sun’."

Keshia Noronho, Fronius Australia

Our Team

Keshia Noronho Managing Director
Rod Dewar Lead Application Engineer
Sebastien Ng Application Engineer
Matthew Bosnjak Application Engineer
Pratik Khadka Sales Analyst
Dougal Gillman Account Manager
Balaji Ganesan Technical Product Coordinator
Kathryn Brookes

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Rochelle Borg Finance
Linda Stellato Office Manager / HR
Roland Resch Head of Supply Chain & Services Manager
Paul Wilson Customer Orders / Supply Chain Management
Shaun Josifovski Customer Orders / Supply Chain Management
Adam Vaughan Service Administrator / Expert National
Philipp Zaunmueller TZ GCBAS APA
Monica Matthews Service Administrator
Chris Tiong Technical Support / IT
Sam Patel Technical Support
Isabella DeBlasio Technical Support
Scott Backhouse Technical Support
Ryan Turner Technical Support
Anthony McCluskey Lead RCN Technician
Alejandro Chevchenko Repair Centre Technician
Christopher McKay Warehouse & Service Assistant