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Fronius expertise Your reliable partner for high-performance photovoltaics

Our expertise

The Fronius vision of 24 hours of sun represents a world in which 100% of our energy is obtained from renewable resources. Humanity’s daily energy needs are met with clean electricity that is available to anyone, anywhere and at any time; we believe that solar energy plays a key role in this future world. To make this vision a reality, we must be able to generate, store, distribute and consume renewable energy efficiently and intelligently.

Many of the technologies and solutions required to achieve this are already available today. Others are in development or will be realised in the future. We are guided in our quest by the universal basic requirements that every cost-effective energy solution must meet - all our energy solutions begin with the Fronius key principles of FRO:

Flexibility (future-proof): Flexibility means energy solutions that are durable and flexible throughout their entire service life. This allows them to adapt to the changing technical requirements of the energy environment. 
Reliability: Reliable energy supply means ensuring a stable and predictable supply of electrical energy which effortlessly matches demand. Having electricity available when it is needed is the most important factor.
Optimisation: System optimisation means constantly improving energy solutions. The aim is to achieve the highest possible level of system efficiency and to ensure our energy is affordable. 

The concepts encompassed by FRO is the only way to secure your energy investment in the long term. Based on these three criteria, we develop reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for today and the future. Detailed information can be found on the following pages.


Our world is changing rapidly and with it, our energy supply. For extremely long-term energy investments, such as photovoltaic systems that have a lifetime of several decades, this represents a major challenge. If conditions or infrastructure suddenly change, for example the way the grid works, this may jeopardise the success of an investment. Therefore it’s important that energy solutions are future-proof. This means designing flexible, intelligent systems that can easily adapt to new requirements. Find out here what we do at Fronius to secure your investment for the future.