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24 hours of sun ACADEMY - tools to enable and support the energy suppliers of the renewable energy world.


24 hours of sun is our purpose, and it is reflected in much of the work we do as a company. 100% renewable energy supply (the meaning behind 24 hours of sun) requires quality, innovation and strong partnership. For over a decade, Fronius Australia has been passionate about training industry professionals, who we call the energy suppliers of the future, about important aspects of solar technology to ensure renewable energy is as good, safe and reliable as traditional energy sources for consumers. The only thing that's changed over the past decade is that you are no longer the energy suppliers of the future; you are the energy suppliers of today! This is the reason why are founding the 24 hours of sun ACADEMY in Australia to offer a portfolio of past and upcoming training courses and resources to photovoltaic installers and industry professionals. 

Hands-on training on a Fronius inverter

The "24 hours of sun ACADEMY" will include a mix of presentations, workshops and practical work on real devices, so that participants are ready for any situation that arises in the field. We will cover key topics based on real-life examples, and share specialist know-how relating to renewable energy solutions for homes and commercial applications. For example, participants can expect practical aspects covering configuration, planning, commissioning and maintenance for all fields in energy sector integration, including photovoltaics, storage systems heating/cooling and e-mobility as well as monitoring and analysis. The concept is supplemented by an extensive portfolio of presentations, webinars, online technical resources and training videos that trainees can follow online.

National Sales Manager, Sebastien Ng explains. "Not only do we cover the entire Fronius portfolio, we will provide key information and training that will keep you up to date with industry requirements." 

"Our goal is to give installers the very best support and equip them to gain a competitive edge. Ultimately, we want to ensure solar professionals - whether that be an installer, sales staff or system designer - can expertly support every customer in their personal energy journey, now and into the future as their energy needs grow.

Upon request, topics covered can also be tailored to the individual needs and wishes of the customer, and customers can choose between different key areas of focus for their training." 

At Fronius, we believe that you never stop learning and that there is always a better solution still to be had. There is no profession where that is more true than solar. Investing the time to attend our training courses is particularly worthwhile as the knowledge acquired can be harnessed for long-term benefits

Fronius solutions are innovative because we see them holistically, and sustainability is the top priority for our products. Therefore, our solutions and training courses allow our partners to guide their customers through their personal energy revolution, ensuring long-term commercial success. 

Who should attend?

24hrs sun ACADEMY training courses are open to industry professionals. Training sessions will be held online (exclusively during COVID-19 restrictions) or at Fronius Australia head office, and can also be held privately at a customer's premises or at a leased location. Please contact us on to discuss your training needs. View upcoming 24 hours of sun ACADEMY events

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