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Fronius SnapINverter: A success story of energy self-sufficiency

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1/08/2023 / Austria
Since 2014, the innovative Fronius SnapINverters have enabled energy self-sufficiency that is both safe and simple. 

What success story?

Over 1.5 million Fronius SnapINverters are now in use worldwide and impress installers as well as commercial and private customers with their outstanding product advantages, service options, and performance.

A favorite of many installers

The Fronius SnapINverter technology makes the inverters particularly safe and easy to install. Thanks to the tried and tested PC board replacement process, installers can resolve any service callout in just one visit. This means minimal time and cost expenditure for the installers and optimal yield security for the system owners.

S for Smart Grid Ready

Smart Grid? Ready when you are! For special output specifications from grid operators, the Fronius Symo Advanced comes with everything that is needed. No additional control components have to be ordered or paid for.

Shade? Maximum yield!

Maximum yield even when the PV modules are partially in the shade is possible thanks to the Dynamic Peak Manager. The intelligent software-based shade management tool is installed as standard and requires no additional components.

Future, yes please!

The SnapINverters have always been equipped with open interfaces, making the connection of third-party components particularly easy. This translates into potential additional sales for installers, while end customers enjoy maximum system freedom and future security.

Service in the home office

Thanks to digital tools such as Fronius Solar.web and Fronius Solar.SOS, SnapINverters can not only be configured, controlled, and monitored from anywhere, but troubleshooting, maintenance, and ordering of spare parts can also be done while on the move. This reduces the amount of time and money spent on site visits to the absolute minimum: a win-win for customers and installers alike.


Innovation for greater safety

With the latest addition to the SnapINverter range, installers can now offer their customers more safety than ever before with the Fronius Symo Advanced. This is made possible by the newly integrated Fronius Arc Guard safety technology: the algorithm developed by Fronius reliably detects DC arcs and switches the photovoltaic system off to prevent serious system damage. The DC arc protection thereby becomes a form of investment protection which is continually being trained and improved by Fronius.

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