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Fronius Repowering


Efficient, reliable and long-lasting – this is the ideal photovoltaic system as far as installers and operators are concerned. But optimum performance depends on numerous factors, one of which is the age of the system. A photovoltaic system basically has no expiry date, but as time goes by, individual components can be optimised – because even the best systems eventually start to age, often making it more difficult to carry on producing clean and sustainable energy. Failures are more common in inverters that have been in use for many years, for example. As a result, power and availability are reduced and the yield decreases.

Efficient repowering helps you to regain full power from your photovoltaics. Fronius has numerous ways to bring older systems right up to date. For example, many inverters from other manufacturers, which may even no longer be available on the market, can be replaced by Fronius devices without major expense. As the technology leader with years of experience and outstanding expertise, we help you and your end customers with tailor-made solutions. This increases the yield and life expectancy of your photovoltaic systems considerably.




Fronius inverters use state-of-the-art technology. The data communication package includes data logging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, a web server and numerous interfaces. In addition, they are ideally equipped to meet the technical requirements of the future and use intelligent algorithms to maximise the yield.


Intensive research and development, strict quality controls and the selection of the highest quality components make Fronius inverters the most reliable on the market. The devices are manufactured in Austria by expertly trained personnel using cutting-edge machinery.


Modern Fronius inverters can achieve over 98% efficiency. Investing in a new inverter quickly pays off, particularly with high feed-in tariffs. Repowering maximises the profit of the PV system.


It is not just Fronius inverters that are oriented towards maintaining efficiency over the decades. As a family-run company with three separate divisions, we have been testing technologies to convert electrical energy for 70 years. In contrast to listed companies, we do not focus on short-term profit maximisation, but think and act over the long term.


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