Canadian String Sizing Tool

The Fronius String Configuration Tool for North America

The Fronius String Configuration Tool (“FSC Tool”) assists users with system design. It does not guarantee the configuration is appropriate for your use. By using the FSC Tool, the user claims all responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the results including, but not limited to, system design, performance, and code compliance. It is incumbent upon the user to verify that the system design will meet their site-specific needs and local codes.

Canadian String Sizing Tool

The Fronius Configuration Tool is an all-in-one plattform for configuring and visualizing your photovoltaic system.

Our Configuration Tool allows the end-user to enter the inverter and module type into the configurator tool, which will then auto populate information about the amount of required modules and their connections for optimal inverter efficiency and most efficient PV system design.

The Fronius Configuration Tool also allows optimal power ratio for long-life and efficiency.