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Perfect Charging

Explore and visualise a Fronius Perfect Charging Solution before you purchase

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17/04/2024 / Milton Keynes

When it comes to battery charging solutions, visual planning can make a significant difference in the decision-making process. Whether you are looking to set up a new forklift battery charging station or upgrade your existing one, being able to view a representation of the final product can help you make informed choices.

Fronius UK’s Perfect Charging team now offers bespoke 3D drawings that create a visual example and a better understanding of what your charging solution could look like before making an investment.

The Importance of Visual Planning in Battery Charging Stations

Visual planning is paramount to configuring efficient and safe battery charging stations. The capacity to visualise the prospective layout and setup of these stations significantly influences both the functionality and the safety aspects of the operational environment. This strategic approach enables warehouse and operations staff to meticulously plan the allocation of space, ensuring the placement of each element for optimal performance. 

By producing a visual representation, any potential challenges that might arise in the spatial arrangement or in complying with regulatory standards can be anticipated. It provides an opportunity to evaluate various configurations, allowing for adjustments that maximise the use of available space without compromising on safety regulations.

This proactive approach enhances communication among team members and stakeholders, offering a clear and tangible representation of proposed solutions. It enables a collaborative review process, where feedback can be efficiently incorporated to refine the layout, ensuring that the final design aligns with operational needs and expectations. In essence, visual planning stands as a critical step in the development of battery charging stations, underpinning the creation of safe, efficient, and well-organised charging environments.

3D modelling part of the consultancy process

Fronius is renowned for our high-quality charging technology and solutions to aid companies in improving their MHE charging efficiency and sustainability. With the introduction and inclusion of 3D modelling into our consulting and planning phase, our UK based team are able to offer warehouse and operations managers an enhanced service that brings their vision to life. 

You no longer need to rely on imagination or blueprints. Instead, you can engage with a virtual model of the proposed charging solution so you have a clearer perspective on the integration and functionality of Fronius’ state-of-the-art charging equipment within your actual workspace.

How the visualisation process works

With an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and evaluate the space you have available, our team will work with you to deliver a solution that meets your needs. From here, our 3D specialist will produce a visual representation of the proposed charging solution including chargers, racking, cable mounts and other accessories that will aid the daily use of your MHE fleet. You can then review the proposed solution and make changes to suit your vision and needs - it’s really that simple.

The benefits of visualising your charging solution

Having a visualisation of your charging station gives you an opportunity to refine your project before placing an order or any physical installation begins. This advanced step in planning enables a clear, detailed view of what to expect, reducing the likelihood of encountering unforeseen complications during the actual implementation. It's a proactive measure that not only streamlines the design process but also significantly reduces the risk of costly alterations later on.

Another notable benefit is the support it can provide should you need to present the investment cost to other stakeholders. Through a visual representation, these stakeholders can better appreciate the proposed design and be included in the decision-making process. 

Additionally, this visual foresight aids in regulatory compliance, as it allows for a thorough review against relevant standards and guidelines. By identifying and addressing compliance issues at the planning stage, you can avoid potential legal and safety pitfalls, ensuring a smooth project progression from conception to completion.

Real-World Examples and Success Stories

The Fronius team have already produced a number of 3D models for clients in various industries including logistics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and retail. These models have assisted customers to make an informed decision about what battery chargers and equipment they need and how our flexible solutions can fit into their daily operations and streamline their processes. 

By allowing customers to visualise their charging infrastructure, before purchasing, we have not only been able to meet the needs of our customers but also supported them to future-proof their operations and show how their charging solution can be expanded and adapted as their business changes” states Ross Adams, National Sales Director of the Perfect Charging business unit at Fronius UK. 

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