Excellent technical support for continuous operation of your photovoltaics

The Fronius service CONCEPT

At Fronius we are not only committed to providing first-class products, but also the highest level of customer service. Back in 2000, when photovoltaics was still in its infancy, Fronius developed a program that today is still the most innovative and successful in the marketplace, with the fastest response time. 

The programme’s secret lies in the special service-friendly design of our devices, which enables every device to be repaired easily, efficiently and onsite, at its installation location. .

Best possible service

Thanks to the intelligent mounting system of our Fronius inverters, Fronius System Partners can repair the Fronius inverter onsite and therefore keep the downtime of the photovoltaic system to a minimum. This gives us an essential advantage over other manufacturers, for whom installers must often wait a long time for the required spare parts or the correct replacement device.

To ensure installers can always provide the best possible level of customer service, they receive extensive telephone support from qualified Fronius technicians based in the UK, with the ability to access support round the clock on their laptop, tablet or smartphone – even at the weekend.