Fronius Solutions I Training


13/10/2020 / Kingston, Milton Keynes
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During this course, PV installers will be provided with all the information they need to correctly size a PV system and find out how to install and commission an inverter from the Fronius SnapINverter and Gen24Plus series.   System monitoring capabilities as well as export limitation will also be covered.
Fronius Solutions Training


Date 13/10/2020
Address Fronius UK Ltd, Maidstone Road, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD United Kingdom
Language English
Max. Attendees 4
Costs 0.00
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Course content

/ Sizing of a PV system with Fronius Solar.configurator
/ Installation & commissioning
/ Fronius SnapINverter series
/ Fronius Gen24 Plus Series
/ Inverter warranty registration
/ System monitoring solutions
/ Fronius Smart Meter for monitoring PV production, consumption and export limitation
/ Fronius Datamanager for system monitoring
/ Storage solutions and Fronius – an overview  

Who should attend?
This course is open to technical employees of PV installation companies who design systems or who mount, commission and service PV inverters and work with system monitoring technology. The course also provides Sales Operatives and Managers with enhanced product knowledge.  

/ Participation in the Introduction to Fronius Solutions training
/ Delegates must have knowledge of PV systems, how they work and have an understanding of electrical engineering
/ Delegates should bring their own laptop, tablet and/or smart phone to participate in the practical elements of this course   

Duration and costs
/ One day intensive training course
/ Free of charge  

Upon completion
/ Delegates will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course
/ Those who have completed the training will be able to apply to become a Fronius System Partner (FSP) and, if applicable, be invited to attend the FSP certification training (Fronius Solutions II)

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