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PV system with Fronius Symo Hybrid and LG battery

28/07/2020 / Portugal, Cascais
Fronius Solar.web is the perfect tool for efficient PV system monitoring

The 5 kWp PV roof-mounted system was installed with a Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter and a LG Chem RESU 10 H battery. Fronius System Partner Duosolar integrated a Fronius Smart Meter System in the installation at the same time, which means they can now benefit from all the monitoring features.


Step 1 following installation of PV system:

Register on Fronius Solar.web

Duosolar registered the new PV system at the same time as installing the Fronius Solar.web online platform. This lets the installer use the full range of customer care features from day one.


Duosolar integrated a Fronius Smart Meter: the bidirectional meter measures energy flows from and to the grid. Together with Solar.web, it ensures that consumption and production is shown clearly and transparently.



Step 2:

Analyse system data

Because the system including the Smart Meter has been registered on Solar.web, Duosolar is able to analyse the system data in detail.


For example, when checking the load curves in the consumption data, Duosolar can determine where there is potential for optimisation in electricity consumption behaviour.



Leonhard Peböck, Product Marketing Fronius International GmbH: “This curve in Solar.web shows nicely that the customer is drawing on power from the battery (yellow) for their energy needs during evening hours. As a result, the customer needs to buy in very little electricity, and can be independent from the public grid.”

Efficiency is boosted even more where multiple Smart Meters are installed: for example, one for the heating, one for the wallbox and for the swimming pool pump, etc. This upgrade gives the installer the greatest scope for targeted load management.


Leonhard Peböck: “If multiple Smart Meters are installed in the system, it is easy to see where the customer can make positive changes in their electricity consumption behaviour. Loads such as air conditioning systems can often be moved to run at times when there is ample PV power available.”

Step 3:

Enable easier servicing of the PV system

Because the Portuguese system is registered in Solar.web, Duosolar can perform software updates remotely – say from the office – allowing the company to save on travel and personnel costs.


Duosolar receives automated service notifications, so if a fault occurs on the system, the installer will often be aware of this before the customer even notices. This allows Duosolar to provide proactive customer service and demonstrate its expertise.



 Benefits of Fronius Solar.web in a nutshell

  • Simple upselling possibility through yield analysis, Ohmpilot simulation or battery storage simulation
  • Performance check of the PV system over the entire runtime 
  • Easy remote updates of all components from home - always have the latest functions and features
  • Faster and more efficient technical support

About the system:

  • A Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S inverter and an LG Chem Resu 10 H battery were installed in this system.
  • LG Neon 2 BiFacial PV modules with 315 Wp are used. These absorb a higher degree of irradiance through reflection from the ground onto the rear side of the PV module.
  • The Fronius Checkbox 500V protects against overvoltage.
  • The bidirectional Fronius Smart Meter 63 A-3 checks the grid situation and displays household consumption in Fronius Solar.web.
  • The system has been implemented as a zero feed-in system.

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