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Solar pays off for businesses

Rising energy costs? Streamline with solar!

Electricity prices are rising. Now you can protect your business against high electricity prices longterm by investing in your own solar system. With a solar power system you generate your own energy and save money by either not buying electricity from the grid or by reducing your peak loads – no matter how you finance your system or if you sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with your solar provider.

Andrew Foster, Financial Director at Alan Bartlett and Sons

​“The installation of the PV system is an important investment for our company. It allows us to save on material costs whilst simultaneously reducing our ecological footprint.”

Save with your own electricity

The basic principle is simple: You use electricity directly from your system and the rest finds it's way into the public grid, and depending on your region you get credited for electricity fed into the grid. One great example  is net-metering, where you get full retail credit for your energy surplus.

A solar system can produce electricity steadily for more than 20 years, but for this to happen, it is crucial to have high-quality solar components. We thoroughly test all our inverters and make sure that they also work reliably under the toughest conditions. Our warranty models for the inverters extend over a period of up to 20 years, giving you the certainty you need. 

Make optimum use of your solar power

To maintain maximum efficiency, the power consumption, load profile (distribution over time) and the capacity of the solar system must be well matched. After all, a supermarket that is open seven days a week and runs a deep-freeze warehouse has a different load profile than an office building. Your professional installer or developer will make these calculations for you and give you competent advice when planning the system that is right for you. 


Convincing examples of using solar energy

100 kw self-consumption system, Tasmania

Winemaking Tasmania is a producer of wine and cider, who also fill, label and store the products themselves. As part of this operation, the majority of the energy is required for cooling the facility. The PV system was installed by I Want Energy and its 100 kW output covers 30% of the company’s consumption needs.

Roof-mounted system in Verona, Italy

Investment in repowering pays for itself within six years. A 357 kWp system was installed on the roof of the Italian import-export company in Verona. From August 2010 to March 2015, a central inverter made by another manufacturer was responsible for generating PV power.