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Fronius is a reliable partner for distributors

We stand out from the crowd thanks to our innovative technology, high quality, decades of experience and unique range of services. This makes us the ideal supplier not only for end customers and project partners, but also for distributors. As the technology leader in the solar industry, we are investing heavily in research & development as we think and act with long-term goals in mind and strive towards a future of renewables. Sustainability is our focus during the development of our products. Our solutions are designed to store and distribute energy efficiently while contributing to a sustainable solar ecosystem. At the same time, we are steadily getting closer to our vision of 24 hours of sun – a world in which we cover 100% of our energy requirements using renewable sources. As a wholesaler, not only will you receive innovative products from Fronius with the highest quality standards, but you will also benefit from a universal concept which numerous customers around the world already trust, and on which the future of energy production depends.

Our offer for wholesalers

As a pioneer in the solar industry, quality is what we stand for: it is a living, breathing reality in all facets of what we do. We have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for over 20 years, and offer our customers the latest technology coupled with the best quality on the market. We’re also dedicated to the field of sustainability and environmental management: as part of an external audit, we received ISO 14001 certification in 2014. In regards to our products specifically, we strive for the NEMA 4X rating on all of our outdoor equipment, setting the standard in the industry to protection from the elements.

To offer solar installers an easy plug-and-play solution for the NEC 2017 modulelevel shutdown requirement, Fronius believes that the best solutions are based on an industry standard with Power Line Communication (PLC). The SunSpecCommunication Signal for Rapid Shutdown provides this standard.

Are you ready for your state's code compliance regulations? Discover the solutions Fronius provides and adhere to the National Electrical Code.

To make the vision of 24 hours of sun a reality, we have a comprehensive and field serviceable product portfolio in the field of photovoltaics. Inverters with a nominal output of 1.5 to 24 kW mean that we have the perfect solution for every system size. The new Fronius SnapINverter generation features an intelligent design, maximum flexibility and a wide range of functions. Coming soon, we will be releasing a storage solution from Fronius, in order to make the solar power generated permanently and readily available any time of the day. These make a significant contribution to the reliability of supply and independence from other power sources.

In order to consistently offer our customers the best product quality, we use the latest production methods and test systems at all of our production sites in Austria and the Czech Republic.

Fronius is family owned and has developed into a successful international group with three separate divisions: Solar Energy, Perfect Welding and Perfect Charging. Thanks to decades of experience, visionary thinking and the highest quality standards, we have acquired a reputation as a safe and reliable partner for private and commercial customers as well as distributors.
The responsible use of resources is more important than ever. Sustainability has become a central theme at Fronius, and as a solar pioneer, we are committed to our environment and our surroundings. With our efficient and resource-conserving solutions for storing and distributing solar energy, we are making a valuable contribution to the energy revolution. In addition to how we make our product, our company itself is dedicated to a sustainable environment for our staff. With Fronius Green through our charitable arm Fronius HOPE, we encourage all staff to recycle and join us in environmental stewardship. We recycle all manufacturing materials and use all funds from recycling to support community development through sponsorship, donations and volunteering.
Fronius has an extensive network of qualified service partners, meaning we are always where our customers need us to be. Fronius Solutions Providers undertake regular, intensive training to ensure that they are able to assist you in the best way possible on your premises. With our unique PC board replacement process, we offer customers the quickest on-site service in the industry for their PV system. Regardless of warranty periods and warranty conditions, we will help you with any matter quickly, easily and competently over the entire life of your system.

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24 hours of sun is a vision that we can only realise together with organisations and people who help increase the amount of renewable energy generated worldwide.