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say goodbye to high energy costs!

In times of rising energy prices, sourcing your energy supply from solar is an attractive alternative for many homeowners. By using your own solar system you can make a major contribution towards the energy revolution and an environmentally friendly energy supply, while saving money. Reduce your utility bill by using energy that comes directly from your roof – no matter how you finance your system or if you sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with your solar provider. If you own your system you may get credited for electricity fed into the grid (depending on your region), for example by net metering, where you get full retail credit for your energy surplus.

Find an Installer near you

Fronius Installer Search 

Looking for a qualified installer to purchase Fronius, service your equipment or simply to answer questions? The Fronius installer search is a list of installation companies that have been specially trained with the Fronius team and have past our screening process. Contact them today for all your PV needs.  

Stanley & Gale Mathews

“Stanley and Gale Mathews are proud to show off their ground mount solar farm powered by Fronius inverters. The net metered project is actually 33 separate projects totaling 1.5MW AC.  Using New York state’s remote net metering law, and the NYSERDA NY-SUN incentive program, this projects credits energy directly to the accounts of 10 homeowners and 25 businesses. The community solar farm is bringing the little town in New York one step closer to #24hoursofsun! The project will use 25 Fronius Primo single phase inverters and 40 Symo 3 phase inverters. This project was developed by Qwiksolar LLC.”

Everything for the home

Tailor your pV system to your requirements

To make the best possible use of the solar power you generate, the size of your photovoltaic system should be tailored to your needs. Don't have a perfectly oriented roof? It doesn't matter; solar is still possible! If your roof has an east-west orientation, it will supply power earlier in the morning and for longer in the evening compared to a south-facing system. In general, we now make products tailored to the diversity and uniqueness of each home to deliver the maximum benefit.