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With Fronius, you can be sure you are working with an innovate, high quality technology partner with more than 20 years of experience developing long-term solutions. We develop leading technologies for all applications. It is our goal to achieve an energy supply revolution by using 100% renewable sources, our vision of 24 hours of sun. This vision guides our development of innovative products, while we tap our 20 year tradition of quality power electronics and solar equipment. As an installer, you stand to benefit from our full product portfolio packed with comprehensive monitoring, industry-leading features and communication capabilities. Through innovative solutions, we are coming even closer to our goal of a sustainable energy supply and by choosing Fronius for your next install, you are too.

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The finest quality products and services

The Fronius SnapINverter line is different from your basic group of grid-tied solar inverters. The design and integrated features are unique, creating a new class of inverter. Power categories from 1.5 to 24.0 kW promise suitability for every system size and application. The Fronius SnapINverter Generation features free lifetime monitoring on-the-go, completely integrated Wi-Fi and Sun-Spec Modbus capability, NEMA 4X rating and the hinged mounting system for the most versatile, user-friendly, NEC 2014 compliant inverter on the market. With the identical look & feel of all Fronius SnapINverters we help to reduce the cost for trainings and eliminate potential error sources through an easy installation process, while enabling installers with the tools they need for optimum service.

We pride ourselves on first-rate technical support, even after the warranty has expired. Since we value sustainability, we know the longer a system is running the more energy it produces and the more cost effective it becomes. With Fronius as a partner you are providing users with solar solutions of the future, that promise high levels of availability, output and therefore the best electricity yield through the life of the system. Our technical support hotline ensures expert support is always but a phone call away, regardless of the cause, warranty status and conditions. With the new Fronius Solar Online Support (SOS), you can use your smartphone to check the warranty status of a unit – anywhere, any time. Fronius SOS is your support app for quick troubleshooting, FAQ’s and processing warranty service.

Join the ranks of the industry elite: become a Fronius Solutions Provider

Solar is a growing industry with new challenges for installers popping up everyday. Warranty work can require a huge time commitment with less value gained. A less than helpful manufacturer can add to this problem, leading to more work and a greater time commitment, ultimately affecting the installer’s relationship with their customer. Become a Fronius Solutions Provider (FSP) and let us aid you addressing O&M challenges with a direct link to Fronius for support.

benefits for you as a Fronius Solutions Provider

Sales support
  • The unique O&M solution of the FSP program eliminates the need for inverter exchanges, which typically causes wait times for the new unit and potential re-wiring and re-inspection. Qualified installers can service inverters directly on site, with only one truck-roll, guaranteeing maximum system uptime as well as satisfied system owners.
  • Our PC board replacement process gives you a clear competitive edge: get inverters at the installation location up and running again in no time and save your customers unnecessary loss of income due to long downtimes.
  • We lay the foundations of this process as we develop our inverters. After all, PC boards can only be replaced if the device has been designed accordingly. You also save time and money as well as impressing your customers with your speed and service expertise. But this can only be achieved as a Fronius Solutions Provider.

With sales and marketing training provided through Fronius, you now have the resources you need to sell more confidently to your end customer. Continuing education and webinars will also allow installers to have constantly updated information and makes for the best service.


To qualify as a Fronius Solutions Provider we offer an range of training courses. Through practical, hands-on training, we provide you with the necessary technical and service expertise to prepare you for all situations. Focusing on a variety of topics, we'll equip you with the expertise you need to assist your customers and troubleshoot effectively.

To the Fronius training program

Tom Peebles, Managing Director of Solenergy Systems

“Fronius provides our installers with excellent support and training. As a Fronius Solutions Provider, our company has a significant edge over the competition in terms of technical and after-sales support.”

How do I become a Fronius Solutions Provider? It’s simple

/ Complete the Fronius inverter training course on installation, commissioning and servicing on each or choose your inverter series

/ Sign the Fronius Solutions Provider contract

/ Purchase your FSP Kit – and you're off!


There is no annual membership fee, only one-time fees for the training courses,materials and FSP kit if needed.

For more information and to request a copy of our training brochure, please use email


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