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Fronius Launches New Rooftop Solution for Commercial Systems


Portage, IN, March 2018 – String inverter leader Fronius launches a new solution for simple and cost-effective commercial rooftop installations, including easy NEC 2014 and 2017 compliance. The Fronius Rooftop Solution, consisting of a Fronius Symo 24.0 string inverter, the MC4 Connector option and the Fronius Shade Cover, makes commercial installations a breeze.
Rooftop Solution
The Fronius Symo, Shade Cover and MC4 Connectors together form the Fronius Rooftop Solution

The commercial and industrial (C&I) space is one of the most challenging environments for solar installations. High ambient temperatures, high irradiance, obstructions, setbacks or pathways add to the complexity and cost of design, installation and operation & maintenance (O&M). However, the right inverter choice will help to overcome these challenges.

The Fronius Rooftop Solution provides a comprehensive solution for commercial rooftops. The lightweight Fronius Symo 24.0 inverter allows for mounting at any angle from vertical to completely flat. The 24 kW size facilitates both optimal inverter distribution and string length for space limited commercial roof tops. The collective design approach of the solution applies to both inverter and system design to provide a high reliability, right features, and right size, resulting in best return on investment for both installers and system owners. Low labor requirements, design flexibility, and the Fronius O&M advantages of this truly field serviceable inverter combine to provide best Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).  

In rooftop applications, the easiest and most cost-effective way to fulfill NEC 2014 and 2017 requirements is to mount the inverter next to the array, within the boundary for NEC rapid shutdown requirements. This way the inverter acts as a rapid shutdown device and eliminates the need for additional equipment - reducing the number of components and Balance-of-system (BOS) cost.  

Many rooftop installations are unique in design and require support other manufactures cannot offer. To ensure highest inverter performance throughout the lifetime of a system, Fronius offers a shade cover as part of the Fronius Rooftop Solution - keeping the inverter's temperature low and performance high even in sunny and high temperature mounting locations. The cover is simple and quick to install, taking just five minutes. Due to the increased energy production, the Fronius Shade Cover pays for itself. The Fronius Shade Cover can also be retrofitted to existing installations.  

The MC4 Connector option for the Fronius Symo 24.0 simplifies the installation of the Fronius Symo inverter even further. By simply connecting the DC wires through MC4 connectors, multiple installation steps are eliminated, such as wire management inside the inverter, installation and sealing of conduits, or pull tests of torqued conductors. This not only reduces installation and commissioning time, which is crucial for bigger projects, but also simplifies ongoing preventive maintenance and improves technician safety.  

"As a string inverter leader we are striving for rooftop excellence and with the Fronius Rooftop Solution we take our offering for commercial rooftops even further", says Michael Mendik, Head of Solutions Management at Fronius USA. "Customers have always asked for cost-effective installation options and a low-cost solution to protect the inverter from heat when installed next to the array. With the Fronius Rooftop Solution we provide a comprehensive solution for commercial rooftop applications".   Fronius is shipping the Fronius Symo 24.0 with pre-installed MC4 Connectors and the Fronius Shade Cover as of now. For inquiries please contact    

About Fronius Fronius USA LLC, headquartered in Portage, Indiana, is a leading manufacturer for solar solutions and has been shaping the US solar industry since 2002. The company is the biggest subsidiary of Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Austria. Fronius has three business units: Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging. Through innovation and new technologies, Fronius has become a leading resource for high quality solutions in each industry they serve. Fronius’ innovation is guided by a vision of 24 hours of sun, a future where 100% of energy needs are covered by renewable energy.