The entire photovoltaic system at a glance online: Monitoring and analysis with Fronius Solar.web

Do you want a full overview of your photovoltaic system and total control over its output and functionality – at home and on the go? It’s now easier than ever thanks to Fronius Solar.web. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use online portal allows operators to easily and conveniently monitor, analyze and compare your solar systems. All the important data, such as output, yields and consumption, energy balance and the state of charge of your energy storage unit are clearly displayed. This keeps you informed about all aspects of your solar system, enabling you to optimize your self-consumption and make considerable savings.

How does Fronius Solar.web work?

Fronius Solar.web is an online portal with free and easy registration for solar system operators, owners and installers. It provides users with a convenient and clear way of monitoring and analyzing their entire solar power system – either at home from their PC or on the move via their tablet or smartphone. Several systems can also be compared with one another. All the up-to-date system data can be accessed at any time and is clearly presented. The system receives the information using a Datamanager integrated in the inverter, which transfers all the required data to Fronius Solar.web via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

Your benefits:

  • Free for the lifetime of your system
  • Clear presentation of the latest system data and archive data
  • Thorough visualisation and analysis of energy storage systems
  • Management and comparison of multiple photovoltaic systems
  • Automatic notifications of system faults Automatically generated reports
  • Expert remote technical support from Fronius

Even more possibilities for your photovoltaics: the online tools from Fronius Solar.web

With the Fronius Solar.web online tools, there are even more possibilities for monitoring and increasing the efficiency and output of your photovoltaic systems:

  • Fronius Solar.web Apps: the mobile version of the online portal. These give you access to monitoring and analysis functions at any time and from anywhere – quickly and conveniently using your smartphone or tablet. Pro and Live versions available.
  • Fronius Solar.TV: enables your photovoltaic system's values to be effectively presented in public spaces on any standard display. Clear diagrams provide a quick overview of the entire system.

What do I need to be able to use Fronius Solar.web?

The only requirement in terms of hardware is a Fronius inverter with a Datamanager function which comes standard with most models. This is integrated as standard in the Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo and Fronius Symo inverters. It can be easily retrofitted to all other models. A meter connection is required to display power consumption. The system requirement is an up-to-date internet browser that supports HTML 5, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 18, Mozilla Firefox 11 or higher.