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Excellent technical support for continuous operation of your photovoltaics

The Fronius service programme

Strong brands stand out thanks to their excellent service and technical support. As a family-run business, customer satisfaction is close to our hearts. This is why we are not only committed to providing first-class products, but also the highest level of customer service. Back in 2000, when photovoltaics was still in its infancy, Fronius developed a service programme that today is still the most innovative and successful in the marketplace, with the fastest response time. The programme’s secret lies in the special design of our inverters, which enable every device to be repaired easily, efficiently and in-situ. Our Fronius Solutions Providers undergo rigorous training by the manufacturer and always have the correct replacement parts on-hand thanks to the Fronius service case.

Best possible service

With our unique PC board replacement process and the intelligent mounting system of our SnapINverters, Fronius Solutions Providers can replace faulty parts and entire devices in no time. This gives us an essential advantage over other manufacturers, for whom installers must often wait a long time for the required spare parts or the correct replacement device. Fronius Solutions Providers can repair defects immediately, thus reducing the downtime of your photovoltaic system to a minimum. This increases the availability and therefore the yield.

To ensure Fronius Solutions Providers can provide you with the best possible service, we give them expert support. Qualified technicians from our regional Technical Support teams assist the installers over the phone should they have any questions. With the Fronius Solar Online Support (SOS) Tool, Fronius Solutions Providers have key diagnostic information at their fingertips, accessible on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. What’s more, the Fronius Solar.web online platform and its integrated monitoring tools enables them to keep a close eye on your system and take preventive action. This helps them detect and rectify potential issues before they manifest as fully fledged malfunctions. This helps them detect and rectify potential issues before they manifest as fully fledged malfunctions. Through our high-quality service, we ensure that your photovoltaic system will operate reliably over the long term and that you will achieve the maximum yield. Trust in your Fronius Solutions Provider for knowledgeable installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing – your PV system will thank you for it.