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Innovation in every Fronius device

Martin Hackl, Head of Division

“Every day, we work hard to realise our vision of “24 hours of sun” – a future based on 100% renewable energy. That is why we're developing new solutions that inspire our customers and impress through sheer quality.”

Technology leader in photovoltaics

Changing the world for the better – this is the objective of our company. Through intensive research and the development of new, innovative technologies, we are able to satisfy this demanding requirement of a better world. As the technology leader in the photovoltaics industry, time and again we shift the limits of what's possible, set industry trends and move the market forward.

Renewable energy’s viability cannot be ignored. But it must also be cost-effective, requiring solutions to generate and store this renewable energy effectively, before distributing and using it intelligently.

That is why we ask the following of every development idea:

  • Does it increase the solar system's reliability?
  • Does it increase the solar system's electricity yield?
  • Does it make the solar system ready for the grid of tomorrow? 

Only when we can answer YES to all three of these questions do we pursue an idea – and in the best case scenario take it as far as series production. With every innovation we come closer to realizing our vision of 24 hours of sun. In our collaboration with our technology partners, time and again we grow beyond our expectations and together we can bring innovative projects to life.

We are continually developing!

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