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Quality products from Fronius for your solar system

In addition to outstanding performance and innovative technology, we set the highest quality standards on the market. Over 20 years of full certification in accordance with ISO 9001 makes us the quality leader in the solar industry, which sees us produce high-quality products with a high real net output ratio. We make our products with pride in Austria, all while dedicating ourselves to stringent quality measures to ensure the finest in power electronics continues to come associated with the word Fronius.

Fronius Photovoltaics - a model of sustainability

As a solar pioneer, Fronius focuses entirely on sustainability. It has become a central theme that characterises our company, from the management right through to product design and technical support. With our efficient and resource-conserving solutions for solar energy, we are making a valuable contribution to the energy revolution.

Fronius USA also encourages customers to discover their own system lifetime costs and consider these prior to making an initial investment. Please click on the link below and get more information about our Online PV System Lifecycle Cost Calculator.

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Quality assurance plays an important role in our company, since this forms the basis for the reliability and cost-effectiveness of our solutions. In order to guarantee consistently high standards, we subject our products to extensive endurance tests that extend far beyond existing standards - even at the development stage. For example, Fronius inverters must withstand considerably tougher conditions in the laboratory than they would encounter in real life. Only when a device has emerged unscathed after being subjected to the effects of extreme temperatures, moisture, ice, salt, dust and dirt do they go into series production - to then be delivered to our customers.