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Pro-active services

powered by Fronius 24/7 service solutions

Fronius inverters are truly field-serviceable, allowing you to have spare parts on your truck and get systems up and running in one truck-roll only. To do so pro-actively, our online monitoring platform Solar.web gives you alerts if a system in your customer portfolio shows a problem.

With advanced analytics you can narrow down the root cause of the problem and troubleshoot online via the Solar.SOS app – even before going to site and before your customer even noticed the problem.
This maximizes the system’s uptime while saving you cost and delighting your customer.

Offering pro-active services or performance guarantees also increase your prospects’ purchase intentions, as reliability and peace of mind are key criteria for solar shoppers. An independent study has shown that offering protection plans increase your close rates!

How to offer pro-active service profitably

To offer pro-active service to your customers profitably, you need to keep your operating expenditures (OPEX) at a minimum level. Thus, you want to go with equipment that has the least number of components and connection points as well as highest reliability – such as a modern string inverter solutions.

On top of that, the field serviceability of Fronius inverters, combined with our pro-active monitoring platform Solar.web and remote troubleshooting tool Solar.SOS enable you to provide fastest service on the market at the lowest cost:

The Fronius Service SOlution

Fronius Solar.web

We inform you!

Remote diagnostics, alerts and proactive email notifications when an inverter is underperforming and state code overviews keep you informed about the status of every system – no matter if you are in the office or on the go.

More about Solar.web

Fronius SOS

We support you!

  • Get 24/7 support with the online support tool Fronius SOS.
  • Initiate the exchange or repair of an inverter or components online.
  • Troubleshoot by simply entering a state code and following the instructions
More about Solar.SOS

Fronius Partners

We empower you!

  • Fronius offers the only truly field-serviceable inverters
  • Our FSP certification empowers you to stock spare parts and do repairs directly in the field, cutting the number of truck rolls in half – and enabling repairs within a day or less.
More about the FSP programme

Service in three simple steps

Fronius always seeks to maximize a systems uptime and eliminate all downtime!
Therefore, we want to give you the tools, workflows and information to solve every service case within one truck roll. 

See system status on Solar.web
Troubleshoot 24/7 with Fronius SOS
Exchange spare part directly on site

Why fronius?

Fronius offers the fastest service process

  • Field serviceability with spare parts
  • One truck-roll only
  • No power electronics on the roof
  • Competitive service reimbursements

Smallest number of failures

  • Less truck services cases in the first place
  • High reliability
  • Small number of components


  • Increase purchase intention by offering profitable protection plans
  • Allows project owners to maximize system uptime, thus maximized profitability!
  • Provides industry leading after-sales support and issue resolution
  • Lowest spare parts count in the industry
  • Streamlined workflows and paperless process - making it really easy on our customers

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