A sustainable, clean future for energy with the help of strong technology partners

24 hours of sun is a vision that we can only realise together with organisations and people who help increase the amount of renewable energy generated worldwide. Here at Fronius, we are accelerating the transformation of our energy supply into 24 hours of sun – with products and solutions that we develop and implement ourselves or in cooperation with other innovation leaders. To do so, we build strong partnerships with big-name companies in various sectors. 


The Fronius Energy Package 

Battery technology from Murata has proven successful for storing the power generated in the photovoltaic system and converted in the Fronius inverter in an effective manner. The Fronius Solar Battery, developed jointly with Murata, with its long service life, short charging times and high depth of discharge, together with the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter and the Fronius Smart Meter, make up the standardised Fronius Energy Package.

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Loxone Electronic & Ochsner

Integrated third-party interfaces

In order for photovoltaics to become the primary energy source for generating a fully autonomous electricity and heat supply in the future, our inverters can easily be connected to third-party components, such as home automation systems from Loxone Electronics or Ochsner heat pumps, thanks to their numerous integrated interfaces. This enables the power generated from the PV system to be distributed in an optimal way and used in your property in accordance with your individual requirements.

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LG Chem