Fronius SOlhub

The system solution for local generation, storage and usage of solar hydrogen

Here at Fronius we believe that green hydrogen represents both a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for mobility and a potential long-term storage solution for renewable energy.

It’s with this conviction that we have been researching and developing hydrogen solutions for two decades to become the innovation leader in solar hydrogen.

The Fronius Solhub is our system solution for generating, storing, distributing and reconverting solar hydrogen. This innovative system provides municipalities, businesses and industrial companies with a sustainable mobility and energy solution.

Your Fronius Expert

Mittermaier Dominik


Complete solution from a single source

Each individual system is planned and constructed to suit the individual requirements of the customer and also comes with a bespoke service and support plan. The 30ft (9.14 m) containers can be scaled and multiplied as desired.


  • Utilisation of waste heat
  • Energy storage system
  • Produce your own, green H2
  • Turnkey complete solution
  • Demand-oriented modularity

Fuelling of Vehicles


The Fronius Solhub enables the refuelling of H2-powered vehicles as well as the storage and reconversion of solar hydrogen.

How it Works

By means of electrolysis, green hydrogen is produced from water and solar power. It can be stored and used for fuelling H2 vehicles. The hydrogen can also be stored seasonally and then transferred back to electricity and heat from the entailed fuel cell.

Electric Energy


Thermal Energy* 

*Use to heat also for service water and low temperature heating.

1.   PV modules, wind and hydro power

2.   Fronius inverter

3.   Electrolyzer

4.   Hstorage

5.   Dispencer

6.   Fuel cell

Another Step Towards 24 hours of Sun

Due to its innovative integration of the electricity, mobility and heating sectors, the Solhub represents an important part of our 24 hours of sun vision. A future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources.

Technical Data

Technology PEM
H2 - production Up to 52 kg/day, scalable and multiable 
H2 - storage Application-optimized pressure levels and capacities
H2 - quality (purity) 5.0
Output pressure 350 bar / 700 bar

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