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One million is just the beginning

Good design does not just mean designing something that looks good – it also needs to work perfectly.

That is why in 2013 we asked ourselves:

Why not use the same mounting system for all of our inverters? Could we create a mounting system that allows the installer to mount and connect the inverter faster than ever?

We got to work straight away and developed a new, lightweight mounting bracket for all models in a series, from 1.5 to 27.0 kW, that could be installed using standard tools without any difficulty. After mounting and connecting the mounting bracket, the inverter is simply swung in, securing the device in a compact and straightforward manner.  

And so the SnapINverter was born.


Six years later, we are now celebrating a significant milestone: 

The one-millionth SnapINverter has rolled off the Fronius production line in Sattledt. To mark this prestigious occasion, we are sending three golden inverters to Germany, Australia and Brazil.

Keep an eye on our travel blog to follow the journeys of the three golden inverters and find out what exciting stops they make during their travels.

From Austria into the world - The journey of the SnapINverter

Brazil – Part 7

Arrival in Porto de Santos

Porto de Santos, the largest container port in Brazil and ideally located in a sheltered position at the mouth of the Rio Pedreira, was opened in 1892 – principally for the export of coffee. The Fronius office in Sao Paulo is 70 km from the port. Once unloaded and through customs, the container from Austria sets off along the BR-101 motorway towards Cubatao, where it turns off onto the Rodanel dos Imigrantes. It’s then about one hour along this busy ring road before it reaches Fronius do Brasil. The last of the three golden SnapINverters has reached its provisional destination.

Australia – Part 8

Solar Cutters – award night during All Energy

Solar Cutters is an initiative that Solar Energy is promoting in Australia. It involves displaying the golden SnapINverter at an event during the All Energy. The unusual Fronius SnapINverter cuts a striking figure on the social stage as well. Interest in the golden inverter is high – but unfortunately there’s only one such example on the entire continent. A competition will determine who takes home the prize. Which of the participating solar installers has the best idea about how to use our golden Primo? The excitement is mounting. While all that’s going on, let’s take another look at a totally different part of the Fronius solar world – what’s been happening on the Cap San Artemissio in the meantime?

Australia – Part 7

All Energy 2019

Kiesha Noronho, Managing Director of Fronius Australia, and Thomas Ringer, Head of Solutions Management at Fronius International, are all smiles in anticipation of a piece of the “One million SnapINverter cake”. The numerous visitors to the Fronius stand at All Energy also enjoyed a boost to their blood sugar levels.

in the meantime ...

Snapinverter - a genius concept

Mounting a SnapINverter is impressively easy: all the connections are integrated in a lightweight anodised aluminium mounting bracket. The inverter, which contains all the power electronics, must simply be placed in the mounting bracket and then swivelled into position. The entire installation process is quick and easy to complete using standard tools. It’s even possible to mount the inverter on a pillar. In addition, Fronius SnapINverters boast a compact and lightweight design, which facilitates installation.


With a model range from 1.5 to 27.0 kW, Fronius SnapINverters can be used anywhere, from a family home to a large-scale industrial system. For every planning scenario there’s a suitable inverter model that offers maximum flexibility in system design.
The intelligent design of the Fronius SnapINverters runs through the entire model range. A single training course, covering installation and first-time use, is sufficient in order to be able to effortlessly install and commission all models in the SnapINverter generation. The benefits of this are lower costs, quicker delivery of projects and the corresponding improvements in efficiency and productivity.

With the SnapINverter generation, we have created a new level of service quality. Easily accessible data communication interfaces enable external components to be connected and updates to be performed using a USB flash drive, without any installation work and even while the device is running. Should servicing be required, thanks to the proven PC board replacement process combined with the SnapINverter mounting technology, our Fronius Service Partners guarantee to resolve any issues during the first service contact. This ensures maximum yield dependability with minimum expenditure of time and money.


Not only is the mounting of Fronius SnapINverters child’s play, so is their operation. All models have an integrated communication package with WLAN, a web server and Datalogger as standard. Using our Fronius Solar.web online portal users can conveniently and extensively monitor and control the output of their photovoltaic system. The Fronius Solar.web App also lets them access all their system data at any time, even when out and about. This provides maximum transparency and helps you to make the best use of your self-generated solar energy.


Fulfilling uncompromisingly high demands in day-to-day operation is the yardstick against which we measure ourselves. The result is the unrivalled high dependability of all photovoltaic systems fitted with Fronius inverters when it comes to future-proof functionality – over the system’s entire service life. All Fronius inverters have free slots and can therefore be retrofitted with additional functions using hardware upgrades many years after they are first put into service. Thanks to their open interfaces, Fronius devices can be connected to third-party systems at any time. For example, a meter can be connected for dynamic feed-in control, additional energy management functions can be added or devices can be integrated into home automation systems. This ensures optimum functionality, not only today, but also in the years to come.

SnapINverter in Numbers

SnapINverter = 12 GWh/year
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