The Fronius world of storage solutions

The Path to maximum Independence

Fronius offers an array of bespoke storage solutions designed to satisfy every need – from laying the foundations for a future storage solution to installing a fully integrated Fronius system: the Fronius Energy Package with Fronius Ohmpilot.

Fronius Symo Hybrid with Fronius Smart Meter and Solar.web

The Fronius Symo Hybrid is at the heart of every storage solution from Fronius. Together with a Smart Meter and the Fronius Solar.web monitoring tool, it not only provides an overview of your actual electricity consumption, but also lays the foundations for future energy storage upgrades.

Fronius heating solution

The Fronius Ohmpilot not only maximizes your rate of self-consumption by heating water, but it is also the simplest storage solution from Fronius.

Compatible with string-coupled batteries

The Fronius Primo in combination with a Solarwatt battery is the storage solution for single-phase markets.

Compatible with DC-coupled batteries

The Fronius Symo Hybrid can be combined with LG Chem RESU batteries or soon also with BYD Battery-Box batteries. Together they form the economical storage solution for quality- and cost-conscious system owners.

LG Chem Logo

Fronius Energy Package

The complete storage solution with emergency power function is infused with proven Fronius quality both in the products and in the support services.

Fronius Energy Package and Fronius Ohmpilot

The complete system from a single source maximises your rate of self-consumption to up to 100% and thus enables maximum independence.

Multi Flow Technology

Thanks to Multi Flow Technology, the Fronius Energy Package covers a broad range of applications, something that other storage systems have yet to achieve. The system can be both DC- or AC-coupled. Users can charge the storage module with energy from their photovoltaic system, from the grid, or from other AC sources – all at the same time. This ensures maximum flexibility and future-proofing – and allows the operator to adapt to the changing conditions of a fluid energy environment.

Multi Flow Technology
Configuration diagram Fronius Energy Package

Performance, flexibility, reliability and safety

When it comes to storage modules, there are numerous solutions on the market from different suppliers. Here at Fronius, we made the decision to work only with the best, most reliable and safest technologies and manufacturers. Consequently, we offer the follwing storage system solution:

  • the Fronius Energy Package with the Fronius Solar Battery, based on Murata Fortelion™ Technology 
    Both these storage systems are designed for maximum performance, flexibility, reliability and safety. They differ in storage capacity, visual appearance and in the installation options. The Fronius Solar Battery is based on lithium iron phosphate technology, currently the safest storage technology on the market. With storage capacities ranging from 3.6 to 9,6 kWh, the Fronius Solar Battery gives you maximum flexibility in creating your photovoltaic systems. Storage modules can also be retrofitted later on, without major expense. The battery, designed for indoor installation, is extremely durable: 8,000 or more charging cycles are not unusual under ideal operating conditions.

Fronius Energycell: long-term energy storage

With the Fronius Solar Battery, Fronius offers the most innovative solution currently available on the market for the short-term storage of energy – namely from day to night. We are also investigating solutions that allow energy to be stored efficiently over the long term, i.e. for weeks or months. One approach is the Fronius Energycell, which consists of an electrolyser and a fuel cell. The electrolyser uses the generated solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is stored in a tank until the energy requirement is higher than the output of the photovoltaic system. The fuel cell then converts the stored hydrogen back into electrical energy. The waste heat generated as a by-product is not lost either, as it can be used to provide hot water and for heating back-up. This storage system is currently at the project stage. The Fronius Energycell is being tested and developed jointly with companies, universities and research facilities in numerous projects. Our innovation has already received several awards – including the World Energy Globe Award in 2007. With the Fronius Energycell, it will be possible in future to store self-generated solar energy efficiently and flexibly over a longer period as well.

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